Places nearby

Old Durham is only one of a number of gardens, parks and woodlands open to the public in Durham.


Pelaw Woods

A woodland adjoining Old Durham, and historically part of the same estate. The woods, which contain a number of habitats and many footpaths, are today managed by the Friends of Pelaw Woods.


Durham Riverbanks

The Durham Riverbanks provide a natural corridor running through the city of Durham, and provide access to Old Durham from the city centre.


Durham Botanic Gardens

Managed by Durham University, the Botanic Gardens have a range of plants and trees from across the world.


Crook Hall

Crook Hall is a 13th century medieval hall with gardens, which is open to the public.


Flass Vale

A local nature reserve, this woodland is managed by the Friends of Flass Vale.


Wharton Park

Currently undergoing a major renovation, Wharton Park has provided a public green space in the middle of the city since the 19th century.