The Orchard & Lower Gardens

From here you get a good impression of the orchard planting in the lower garden and on the slope below the terrace. The archaeological excavations told us nothing about the lower garden – it was too damaged by deep ploughing. The layout in the sketch was based on the designs of an early 17th century garden writer, John Parkinson, but the executed planting, researched and designed by garden historian Fiona Green, is based on the more local contemporary garden writer, William Lawson of North Yorkshire. All the plantings here are early-mid 17th century varieties. Within each square bed of roses, shrubs and fruit bushes are four apples around a central pear tree. Beside the squares and on the slope are more apples. Outside the walled garden, towards the river, are damsons and greengages. Now move back to the central steps and climb to the terrace beneath the gazebo.

    Species In the Orchard:

How the garden may have appeared circa 1730