Set into the wall of the garden, the gazebo consists of two floors. While the lower floor is accessed from the terrace, the upper room, which overlooks the terrace and lower gardens, is entered through the walled upper garden.



The gazebo is presumed to have been built when the gardens were first laid out. Like the original manor house, it was built in alignment with Durham Cathedral, and enjoyed spectacular views into Durham. It is easy to imagine John Heath and his family enjoying a summer evening in the gazebo with a glass of wine and dessert.

Although originally rectangular, the gazebo was renovated soon after the 1720s, into its current square plan. However, after the manor house was deserted and demolished, the gazebo likely fell into ruin.

The slow decay of time continued until Old Durham was purchased by City of Durham Council in 1985, and a program of restoration saw the walls strengthened and rebuilt, the roof reinstated, and fittings such as windows and panelled walls installed.

The gazebo currently holds displays, and is a useful indoor space during events.


Photographs of the gazebo

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